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Anne Thompson-Scretching Stars in "OVERCOME"

Veteran playwright/director Anne L. Thompson-Scretching is the subject of a very moving documentary film titled "OVERCOME" by Bianka WidaKay. Born in Macon, Georgia, Anne Thompson-Scretching overcame being lied-to about the true identity of her mother, years of childhood sexual abuse perpetrated by her step-father, and multiple abusive marriages, to become an award-winning playwright and stage director. To quote her LinkedIn page: "I've been a playwright, producer, and director for 18 years at The American Theatre of Actors under the Artistic Director and Founder, James Jennings who has been in the same place for almost 40 years. I'm a 4x Jeam Dalrempyl Award winner for comedy, comedic drama, classical and young peoples plays. I am also an AUDELCO nominee and published by Samuel French LLC for the stage play, 'You Shouldn't Have Told.' My goal is to continue to focus on my own work developing a body of work that will continue to heighten my writing style."

Bianka WidaKay (April Gibson's colleague at MNN) has put together a beautiful film made up primarily of interviews with Thompson-Scretching, with a few glimpses of her daily life. Her subject is 77 years old, and has a lot to say about racism, sexism, and the failure of our culture to combat pervasive childhood sexual abuse. Anne was raised to believe that her grandmother was actually her mother, and her birth mother was her sister. She endured regular beatings, and resigned herself to marrying a man she didn't love simply to escape from her childhood home. The story is tragic, but Anne Thompson-Scretching is triumphant. Catch "OVERCOME" when you can. BTW - I was proud to see April Gibson's name in the credits as a collaborator on this project.

Anne Thompson-Scretching

Bianka WidaKay

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