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BIOs current as of 06/2018

Jen Roit


Watch this clip of Jen Roit presenting three works as part of Juan Michael Porter II's The Series at the Secret Theatre in Queens, NY. 


"Juan Michael speaks to the healing empowerment of dance which I found extremely appropriate considering my final and longest work being presented in The Series: In(de)spirationIn(de)spiration deals with the moment when absolute desperation can transform into inspiration and motivation. This piece deals with the dark mental abyss of depression and suicide, along with the eventual freedom that comes once a person begins to win that emotional struggle."


To read more of Jen Roit's words, click here.

Leetal Platt

Leetal Platt Designs

Fashion is about fantasy - and no designer does it better than Newton, Massachusetts born, LA bred designer Leetal Platt. After a career in the film business, Leetal transitioned her love of all things film into dreaming up a high-fashion futuristic fantasy. After studying at Parsons in Paris and FIDM, Leetal launched her brand to become the beautiful thorn in fashion’s side starting with a delightfully decadent capsule collection, ‘Garden Party Pt. I.” Meet Leetal and chat about the film behind her inspiration, nerdy habits, and high fashion. 


Writing Courtesy of Nineteenth Amendment. Read the whole interview, Here .

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Jen Roit

Leetal Platt

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